Quick step-by-step guide to create and view a trail :
  1. Build the TrailDLL project
  2. Add a reference to the builded TrailDLL.dll in your XNA project
  3. Get a new trail with ITrail trail = TrailFactory.GetNewTrail(<parameters>);
  4. Add the trail to game components with Components.Add(trail);
  5. In your Update cycle, call trail.Move(<parameters>);

If you are using medusa in an existing game, you will probably want to setup its camera parameters according to your game. To do that, for now you can change these static fields in the Trail class :
Matrix CameraProj_debug //camera projection
Matrix CameraView_debug //camera view
Vector3 CameraEyePos_debug //camera eye position
Vector3 CameraEyeDir_debug //camera eye direction


All properties should be pretty straightforward after viewing the TrailTest project. Use arrow keys to rotate the camera.

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