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Project Description

Medusa Trail Engine can be used to create ribbon trail-based visual effects in videogames. It's developed in C# for the XNA framework.
The project is still in early development, but it is already good enough to make effects like blade swings and laser beams with a minimum effort.

Engine todo list:

  • Add rendering options to view trails correctly in pre-existing 3d worlds.
  • Add a smoothing factor, to be used with fast moving trails. It will add interpolated segments between other segments, in order to always obtain smooth trails.
  • Render all trails with the same settings in a single draw call.
  • Wrap XNA Color to add interpolation and fading.
  • Load xml files exported from the editor via content pipeline.
  • Add support for animated textures.
  • Add cool curves and paths to craft visual effects with trails.

Editor todo list:

  • Support trail freezing.
  • Add more ways to view the trail, like dragging it with the mouse.
  • Add a better type editor for Color.

A screenshot of the test project
trailtest thumb.png
full size :

A screenshot of the editor
traileditor thumb.png
full size :

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